To me, Yves Saint Laurent created the finest designs which also portrayed the “empowered” woman.  There was none more iconic as the statement piece that used to be the preserve of men – the tuxedo. Monsieur Saint Laurent’s design of the tuxedo ensemble, both as a day- and night- outfit, has always been a source of inspiration to… Read More »


I am about to get out of my comfort zone again by taking on a new adventure.  This September, I am leaving for Vietnam on a 3-week backpacking trip… alone!  This will be a novel experience for me, in both duration and style of travel.  I remember someone saying “Getting out of your comfort zone is… Read More »


  I was inspired by Milan style for this outfit. I notice the Milanese woman expressing their femininity in two almost opposing ways.  One goes for glamorous attire with joyful colors and patterns – à la Dolce & Gabanna.  The other is about dark colors, structured cuts, classic and chic – à la Armani.  I combined both styles with a navy-patterned mini dress with lace details… Read More »


Le Kiosque, Lausanne

This small structure called Le Kiosque at St-François Place in the middle of Lausanne is a century old with a storied past. It was built in 1896 of…

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  In my previous post on the H&M Studio AW16 collection, I featured the blue striped velvet slit dress which was more of an evening dress-up piece than a daywear.  Let me show you how I combine (unconventionally) other items of the line for a comfortable day-outfit.  Usually, you put your lingerie under your top, eg. shirt.  Again,… Read More »

swiss fashion blog

  For music lovers and performers, the Montreux Jazz Festival (MJF) is a can’t-miss event in the wonderful month of July at a pretty lakeside location.  It is very much a fixture in my summer calendar.  I attend concerts (expensive!) or simply immerse in the happy crowd to catch free open performances and soak in… Read More »

The Art of Hair

Have you heard about Shu Uemura Art of Hair?  Last Monday, I went t…