Month: September 2011

Not so underground

Here are the pictures I did with a blogger friend of mine. Event though I am not satified with the pictures of me (looking awfull), Sarah is looking stunning. Anyways, we didn’t have any inspiration for a setting, so we ended up taking pictures in some kind of ‘underground place’. Not knowing how to wear… Read More »


I got my hands on this beautiful pictures of Anne Hathaway. They’re full of emotions and you get this intense feeling when you look at them. On the whole, the shoot looks pretty creepy, but I totally like. source: Fashiontography


CLICK HERE An interview I had with the SwissLook Mag’s blog, check it out:


Some time ago, I went to an Exhibition in which my Art teacher was participating and saw this two very interesting Artwork (The three first pictures). As you might not guess, you’re actually looking a Playboy magazine page. So basically, this guy is totally making something “obscene” in something amazingly cool.  Second, is the pictures… Read More »

Going crazy over wang

I have been thinking about these shoes for quite a while now. The Alexander Wang Anais are just amazing, classical but with a crazy pink and the Fabiana so feminine but with a stylish touch on the heel. We’re only talking about the shoes now, but to do a post about the women’s collection would… Read More »


Dear readers, as you may have guessed, I’m in Singapore. I didn’t have the time to take the pictures I’ve promessed but will try to update some this weekend: the things I’ve bought and what I wear. I might also be taking my camera downtown to check out the singapore’s streetstyle (which might be quite… Read More »


Ok new shoes, new bag, I love this feeling of ‘new’! The scenery of Lausanne by the lake is amazing, I realize sometimes how lucky I am to live in such a wonderful country. I really went back for a more classical look, wearing all black. But it’s so easy and pratical to dress-up this… Read More »


Wearing: H&M top, vest & jeans, Zara shoes DYI by Turkish Designers Raisa&Vanessa, Myphosis necklace, FunDecke ring, OPI nailpolish, Spanish random brand bag. I’m crying over my not inspired mood this past month. It’s horrible when you open your wardrobe and just stare at it for 10 minutes not knowing what to choose. Then you… Read More »


Lately, I’ve been dressinp-up in a more classical way and more ‘edgy’ , but not so much. I still like some items that gives a bit of a rock look. Anyways this is two of my lastest purchase I made back in Singapore. One is the 3.1 Phillip Lim bag. I like the mix between… Read More »

Vintage Clothing

J’ai été mandatée comme styliste pour un shooting qui aurait du avoir lieu dimanche passé, mais les choses ont fait que je ne le fus point. J’avais donc une bonne dizaine d’habits et d’accessoires Vintage provenant de la boutique Chabada Vintage situé à Lausanne. On y trouve des petits bijoux comme vous avez pu le… Read More »