Lately, I’ve been dressinp-up in a more classical way and more ‘edgy’ , but not so much. I still like some items that gives a bit of a rock look. Anyways this is two of my lastest purchase I made back in Singapore. One is the 3.1 Phillip Lim bag. I like the mix between the ribbon and the stud. I can remember when last year I was telling my friend that this bag was awful (the one with the printed leopard fabric), but then when she bought it I totally fell in love with it. I got it for such a good price that I ‘didn’t’ hesitate and took it. I must say I shouldn’t have tell that about the bag, sorry Sabrina, hu-hue. The shoes are from PedderRed I don’t know if we have this brand in Europe though. They have a sort of manly look which I love. Très classe.