Not so underground

Here are the pictures I did with a blogger friend of mine. Event though I am not satified with the pictures of me (looking awfull), Sarah is looking stunning. Anyways, we didn’t have any inspiration for a setting, so we ended up taking pictures in some kind of ‘underground place’. Not knowing how to wear this pair of vintage sunglasses thtat my brother gave me as a present, I put them away in a drawer for at least a year. And the other day I was thinking: it would be super cool to wear them since I was wearing a ultra simple outfit. This is the story how this sunglasses are now my fav’, hu-hue. Enjoy X

Wearing: Zara top, Gucci bag, Zara boots, American Apparel skirt, Locman watch, Alexander McQueen Bracelet & some random bracelet, Vintage sunglasses.