Month: September 2011


Addicted to Fashion was such a nice event! Even though we had to wait for more than 45 minutes at the entrance for ‘technical problems’, the fashion show was really worth going to Zurich. I had to take a two hour train ride to get there and had to take the first train in the… Read More »


Wearing: Lanvin x H&M/tshirt My Bibi and Me downtown, enjoying the good weather. At first I thought that this roundish sunglasses wouldn’t suit me cause my face is quite round. But now that I look at the picture, it doesn’t look that bad no? Lately I have been crazy over cut by fred blog which gives… Read More »


En fait, j’ai cet interview qui est enregistré comme “note” sur mon portable depuis un bout de temps maintenant. Et je me dis qu’il serait intéressant de le partager avec mes lecteurs. Lors de la conférence à Genève à la HEAD, j’ai rencontré Olivier Saillard qui m’a accordé un bref interview pour un travail qui consistait sur… Read More »

Vide dressing

  I went to two “vide dressing” : you take out of your closet what you don’t wear anymore and sell it to others for cheaper than the initial price. The first one was more “comtempary style” and there was lots of vintage clothes. And as you can see they were selling cupcakes which looked… Read More »

I was walking round a shoe shop taking some shots of the shoes which were crazy cool (unforunately i’m not allowed to put the photos on my blog) when i turned and saw a girl really stylish. So I asked if I could take some photo of her cause i loved her style. Actually i… Read More »

Meeting Paul Smith

I can remember how my friend and I were doing shopping in Selfridges&Co, nearby the Sandro women’s clothing. I was walking around waiting for my friend to pay and saw that an event was happening. I went up to some girl wearing black to ask what was it about. Being very lucky we ended up… Read More »

stop starring at my shoes

I have asked people about what should I change or add on my blog? Most people’s answer was post more often look of yourself. I don’t have much time to take photos but i’ll try to from now on. I received for my 18th birthday THE Black Suede Lita JC shoes and as switzerland, I… Read More »

Vide dressing #2

This picture was taken by my brother, he’s just started a blog on photography: Photeuil. I didn’t know what I was thinking but even though the weather doesn’t look that nice it was so hot! I should have worn shorts.  wearing : McQueen scarf, Panama hat, random bag, H&M crop and pant, random shoe

LDN 09.2010

Wearing: H&M perfecto, RedCroco DocMartens, random jeans, Cotton On top, Gucci bag, Chanel Gold nailpolish, Forever21 necklace What a wonderful scenery we have for the first three pictures: a construction site. These are the pictures from last year in London, I feel so nostalgic when I look at them. I’m wearing my fav’ perfecto I… Read More »


Je m’appelle Romina, j’ai 17 ans et je suis encore aux études. Je n’ai pas envie d’être classifiée comme ces simples filles qui sont passionnées par la mode. Je me surprends parfois à observer les gens dans la rue, à observer leurs démarches, leurs attitudes, leurs expressions et bien sûr leurs vêtements qui reflètent pour la… Read More »