Month: January 2012


ON THE 23.01.2012, It was my 19th birthday. An age not really exciting, I find. Anyways, I got a few presents from friends, and myself (yes I consider sometimes things I buy for myself as present, how weird it is). From left to right, Vogue Magazine, Sandro sleeveless shirt, H&M floral print blazer, Bon Génie… Read More »


HERE ARE TWO of the drawings I did recently. Recently I have tried to change my style of drawing sketches. How do you like my art? If I can call it like that. During Christmas my cousins kept telling the whole night that I should post more of them, so here they are. Hope you… Read More »

LAST SUMMER I went to a Fashion Show in Zurich and this is when I fell in love with the clothes of designer Rick Lee. I had the occasion to see his work made of pure quality and the accessories are crazy as well. Since then I have kept in touch with him, and had… Read More »


TO BEGIN THE YEAR nicely I’d love to have those items. As you all might know my birthday is coming soon (23rd January). So… if you want to give me one of these items or from my previous whishlist as a present, you wouldn’t make me more happy than I actually would be. This was… Read More »


HAPPY NEW YEAR Wearing : Singaporean local designer skirt, vest & top, Vintage purse, Sandro coat, H&M necklace I WHISH EVERYONE A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012. If this year hasn’t been the best this is the reason you should make the best out of the one upcoming. Mistakes help you grow and you learn from… Read More »