TO BEGIN THE YEAR nicely I’d love to have those items. As you all might know my birthday is coming soon (23rd January). So… if you want to give me one of these items or from my previous whishlist as a present, you wouldn’t make me more happy than I actually would be. This was my non-serious moment. Anyways, to begin this year this is my january whishlist. I have still in my mind this Phillip Lim Pashli bag either in beige or this yellowish one. This year after a neon color trend we go for more pastel colors. I’d love to have this Acne knit and Zara dress for spring, and the Illesteva Sunglasses for this summer. I can already picture myself on the beach wearing those with a yellow or turquoise swimsuit. And the Zara boots with fringe would be perfect for my everyday life. (They’re on sale round 100chfs, in case, hu-hue.) 

To my dear cousin, Ray Yi, and distant cousin, Felicia, I will definitely post my drawings as you’ve kept telling me this during the christmas dinner, when I will find some time for it. Now everything said, I’ll be taking my leave to the dream land. X good night

PS: for those who are fond of pastries and sweet things to eat, my distant cousin that has come over for christmas, have shown me her great chef-d’oeuvre (I only saw, didn’t taste, unfortunately), please check out her blog! http://muffinsareuglycupcakes.wordpress.com/