Wearing: H&M/Knit & pant, Grey Fur, Sandro/Mantle, Forever21/Ring & Bracelet, Swarovski/Earrings, Vintage/Clutch, Zara/Boots, Sephora/Eyeshadow, MAC/Lipstick

HERE ARE THE PICTURES of my outfit when I had a coffee with Anastasia, a blogger friend from the same city, Lausanne. I had such a great time with her. As we talked about all topics (the major topic: Fashion) I realised how nice it was to talk to someone that has the same interest and a good sense of fashion. I really enjoyed our afternoon, she’s such a cute girl! About my outfit, it’s pretty much a casual outfit but with this cold -8 °C, I just want to layer as much as I can so I won’t be cold. I love my knit that I bought in Paris, the shoes (spoiled but perfect to walk with them all day) and the simple pant. In Paris I also bought some really cool make-up stuff, and will post about it soon. The pictures were taken by Anastasia and she used her camera (Canon EOS 450D) except for some that were taken with mine (Nikon D7000). How do you like my outfit?