Wearing: Grey Fur Vest, H&M/Perfecto, Zara/Shirt, Ray Ban/Glasses
OK GIRLS LET’S try and not lie, do we really wear everyday heels? I probably suppose that we do not, and on those pictures I was actually wearing really casual converse shoes in grey color. They are my everyday sneakers, spoilt because I wear them for any occasions. Since I’m on holiday I don’t bother and wear mostly casual clothes, comfy as much as I can. We went to Nespresso Lausanne with my friend Francesca (who took the pictures of me) and she ordered a Cappucino and me a Liégois which is an Espresso shot poured on a Vanilla  ice cream ball. You might have noticed that there is actually a kitty drawn in my friend’s cappucino, isn’t it crazy cute!? And actually if you love espresso as I do, want something sweet but not a dessert, the Liégois is the perfecto combo you can have. It is really easy to make it for yourself at home as a dessert.
PS: If you do have not noticed, my friend has the best Iphone case you can have!