Wearing: Vintage/Blazer, No Brand/Tshirt, H&M/Jeans, Deux Luxe/Wallet, Pedered/Shoes, RayBan/Sunglasses

SOME PICTURES OF a very casual everyday outfit. I love this shoes cause they give a little touch while staying simple. This is the a good example of a day I don’t know what to wear. So I’ll go for the basics a blazer, tshirt and jeans. It happens a lot in University.
  • This outfit looks vers confortable. These shoes are great !

  • love the necklace! 🙂

  • Oh I like your blazor with the golden buttons!

  • great look! love all the little details like the necklace and clutch!


  • what a lovely clean chic outfit! I'm a new follower, your blog is wonderful!
    Perhaps you find some time to visit my blog too and if you like it, I'd be happy to have you also as a reader and follower!

    xxx Anita

  • It's a very cute and chic look! I love your clutch!

  • Classic and lovely! Suits you well! The necklace is adorable. Love Mary Fashionbirds

  • Al

    cute outfit

  • Great casual and simple outfit, love your necklace !
    I see what ou mean by "it happens a lot in University", and sometimes you just want to feel comfortable … Hard to make an effort for a fashion or feminine detail !! And you've done it really well <3