YEAY! My exams are finally over and as I’ve promised I’m going to be more active on the blog. First of all, did you notice readers, that I’ve changed the design? This is the first thing I wanted to do. Anyways, I’m also very happy with the weather, it’s warm and sunny all day. I just love high waist shorts so much, depending how you wear them, they make you look slim. The studded shoulder shirt I’m wearing is actually a birthday present from my friends, they know me so well they couldn’t have chosen better. As for my makeup, I used Dior lipstick, Sephora eyeshadow, Maybelline Mascara and all the rest is from MAC. What I like about the Dior lipstick is that it doesn’t look too flashy and it’s perfect for everyday. How do you like my outfit? X

Wearing: H&M/Shorts & Sunglasses, Sandro/Shirt, Werelse Mango Touch/Bag, Steve Madden/Wedges, Tenebris/Ring