Colorful Fall with Isabel Lu

Wearing: Isabel Lu/pants, Vintage Céline/Clutch, H&M/Floral Blazer & Earrings, Zara/Shirt, Mango/belt.
I AM LOVING these bright orange pants from Isabel Lu. Don’t you think they rock? Thank you to Macha from Omnitrade Fashion. This was one of the pieces I couldn’t resist taking back home to shoot with. I thought of a total colorful outfit so I went for my floral H&M blazer and my Vintage Céline clutch with amazing details. I must thank Anastasia from Stylittude for these amazing pictures! Except for the last one which was taken with my Nikon, we used her Canon. Anyways how do you find my outfit? I hope this week will be full of post. I had a busy week running between Lausanne and Geneva for all different kind of event. I can’t wait to report about them!