Flowers Grow under the White Snow

A MONTH AGO, I paid a routine visit to Mirelle of La Robe de mes Rêves.   As usual, I would go to her dressing room and look at the latest arrival of vintage outfits.  Then suddenly I noticed IT, the bolero white fur vest hanging on the other side of the room as if it has been waiting for me.  It was love at first sight – I literally flew over to reach it.  The vest is in perfect condition and you can hardly ever find this level of craftrsmanship these days.  Besides, the cut fits me perfectly with its 7/8 sleeve.  What not to like!  I bought it without a moment of hesitation.  “Unfortunately”, we have been enjoying summerish weather since then.  The wait was finally over (it can’t be right to wish for the cold just to be able to try on winter clothes!).  As I put it over my shoulders for the Mode Suisse day in Zurich, my chin just lifted and it felt so good.  Who says clothes do not affect your moods.  To match the chic, I opted for a floral blouse without too many accessories.  As we usually have to stand for long periods at fashion shows, I chose my super-comfy Mango heels which also resemble Isable Marant.