Mode Suisse Geneva

WITH FOND MEMORIES of the 1st edition of Mode Suisse, I looked forward to attending the 2nd edition held in Geneva on Saturday 13th.  Well, all the shows lived up to expectations. On the personal side, it was nice to meet up with friends from Zurich and make new acquaintances. You can look at the collections presented on the Mode Suisse website.

Two brands particularly caught my eyes during the show.

The first is that of Aziza Zina, a Swiss designer based in Zurich. During a long chat, the brand manager explained how they are updating the Aziza Zina image to make it younger and playful yet staying chic.  Indeed, the fabrics are light, the colors fresh and details pronounced. I had a huge crush on the white dress presented in the show! In fact, I liked so many other pieces that I paid a visit to their store the following week when I was in Zurich. I will post about this soon.  For the time being, do discover the SS 2013 campaign in their Aziza Zina website.

Let’s move to the next brand, Asandri which features powerful cuts and vivid colors.  My favorite is the orange top and magenta skirt. I find them more feminine with a more refined fabric compared to the other pieces with a “rock” attitude.  I also like the maxi dresses and the red leather jacket. In fact, I want them all!  Asandri cleverly play with details here and there to make the whole outfit so seductive. I had the chance to talk with the designer’s wife who herself has a fur brand. She thought it was a shame that red foxes are killed in Switzerland for various reasons, and their furs then stored and never used. Wanting to make smarter use of these furs is what got her started in this business.

Finally, I want to pay tribute to the Bachelor students of HEAD in Geneva on their impressive work. Some of the pieces were unwearable, but all their designs showed originality, exuberant creativity and solid craftsmanship. I think they are keen to experiment with structures. I also really liked the colorful Nino Bollag pieces. The color block ensemble is something I would definitely wear. I couldn’t attend the first show, but I caught a glimpse of Niklaus Hodel collection and it seemed to be as creative as the HEAD students. We can confidently say the future of Swiss fashion is in good talented hands!

Pictures one to four: Aziza Zina,  five to six: Nino Bollag, seven to ten: Asandri, the rest men’s wear by the HEAD students.