Emilie Muller Photography

I first met Emilie at her photography exhibition. What an impression she made on me!  She was standing next to Mireille of La Robe de Mes Rêves who was the first to tell me about her. Blond, she was wearing customized H&M boots with studs all over the ankle, and an all-black Victorian style vintage dress. Her work on portraits radiate such strong vibes and feelings. I was amazed, not only by her talent but also by the person. Though we did not have time then to sit down and chat, we interacted in subsequent meetings to organize the Vintage Saloon. Each time, she wore a different hair color – pink, blond shaded pink, green and purple. Most people probably see it as her trademark. For me, it is a detail of her very personal style. Last week we did finally had the chance to meet over coffee at her place. Spontaneously, we decided to take some pictures. With my hair that looked awful that day, we improvised a wet effect. I put on one of her fur vest and she did this Twiggy-like makeup in 15 minutres. We took a couple of pictures in even less time. Oh my, I saw real talent at work and was blown away by the result. There is not much to add except to invite you to admire her work and discover her world.