Oh, a Pink Box!

Some time ago I was excited to receive this Pink Box at home. Have you heard about the concept? For an interesting price, you can subscribe to receive each month a little surprise package carrying five beauty products. For the brands, it is a clever way of sampling its products to targeted potential customers. For us, it is a pleasant way to discover and test different brands. In the November Pink Box, I was happy to uncover the “never lose you cherry” lip balm. Tasteless, it carries a very nice cherry scent and makes your lips look all glossy (that you can use it as an alternative for gloss). Then I tried the mascara from Manhattan. It has a very big and short brush that doesn’t blur eyelashes. When you do not master French manicure (I don’t), then you will find these You Nails Switzerland stickers helpful. Next was the sunblock lipstick from the Swiss brand Daylong. It is handy and a must-have item for a full day on the ski slopes. The last piece was a deliciously scented anti-stress mask. It smells so good that it is difficult to hold yourself back from tasting it. As the name tells it so well, it looks like I’ve got chocolate all over my face. 
 I really enjoyed testing all the little products in the Pink Box! I invite you to check out their website.