Boucheron at Baselworld

In the short free time between the Swarovski’s presentation and dinner, I went over to take a sneek preview of Boucheron’s new collection. Their chic all-white booth exuded a calm and dreamy atmosphere. I was received by Laura who set out to explain the spirit of the brand. 
I was first shown their latest creation, Epure, a refreshing antithesis in the world of complication watches. As the name suggests, Epure expresses its sophistication through the ultra-craftsmanship of its pure and refined lines. As if to remind us of the priorities in life, the back of the watch is engraved with the statement: “Je ne sonne que les heures heureuses”. 
We moved on to the high-jewelry timepieces featuring intricate leaves and flowers in white gold and set with diamonds on the polished hematite dial. If you think this is dazzling, wait till you see the Khépri à Secret. It is a jewel taking the form of a beetle about 3cm in size. When you press its head (in the guise of a blue sapphire cabochon) the wings gently spread apart to reveal the diamond-encrusted watch beneath. It is simply breathtaking when you least expect it. Perhaps we should have guessed it from its poetic name. Khépri is associated in Egyptian mythology with the sun and rebirth, and is often represented by a beetle. 
We ended the visit in the saloon to see the pieces close-up and even to try them on. It was a magical moment. Thank you Boucheron!