The Spring Essentials

Photogenic people are lucky to always look good on pictures while the rest of us have to try to look good “naturally”… at the 100th attempt. Thank god we have digital cameras and you never got to see the discarded pictures! In fact, it crossed my mind as to whether I need to always appear good on the pictures. I am not a model and will never be. I do shoots just to show my outfits. So yes, let’s focus on the outfit. The Gant shirt and Zara 3cm height platform sneakers are going to be my essentials this season. A man causal chic shirt is just right for daily wear. Last Saturday, Andrea and the Gant store’s team warmly welcomed to look at their new collection and also the upcoming one for Fall/Winter. Gant has maintained its “preppy” style since 1949 but yet manages to evolve and keep it relevant with the times.
I also want to share a “sad” news in the life of a University student. My exams are coming very soon and I will have to concentrate on my studies. So, do expect a drastic slowdown (to even a stop) in activity on my blog. However, I have lots of projects for this summer and can’t wait to talk about them!
Wearing: Gant/Men’ Shirt, Zara/Skirt & Shoes, Miu Miu/Sunglasses