Kérastase Couture Styling

I know about the Kérastase brand of hair care products but have never actually tried them. So it came as a pleasant surprise when they invited me to test their new Couture Styling collection. It consists of basically a range of products to design or construct your hair, and another to give the result a perfect finish. Before I tell you more, suffice to say I was really enchanted with the results of a flawless and long lasting hairdo.
The Construct Couture Styling Products
The Finish Couture Styling Products
I first tried the tousled effect Spray à Porter. After a shampoo wash, I applied the spray on my hair while it was still damp. The spray carries a light fresh scent making it rather pleasant to use. Then I blow-dried and and tried “curling” the hair to intensify the effect. As my hair is quite long, I tend to put on too much product. You have to be careful with sprays as the hair can get a bit sticky. The result was fabulous! I had the perfect messy look. For now you have to take my words for it as I do not take any pictures to show you. But I will do so soon.
Next I set out to create what Kérastase call the “Petite Bouffant” look of pulled-back puffed-up look just right for an evening occasion. After applying Lift Vertige, I blew-dry my hair backwards to gave it volume and lift. Because of its length, I had to “tease” the hair at the top a little higher for the effect to last longer. For the finishing touches, I sprayed on “Gloss Appeal” spray for a discreet shiny effect, fixed the look with “Laque Couture” and finally applied “Touche Finale” on the ends. I have always wanted to try out this hairdo and for once I had all I needed for a first attempt. As they say in French, the results were indeed “bluffant” i.e. impressive (pun intended)!
I still haven’t tested all the items in the Couture Styling set. In my future trials, I will share pictures of the results. In the meantime, here are some shots of the products but also of my second look.