The Before Fashion Week Madness

I was so excited about attending the weekend of the Paris Fashion Week. It was a time to break the rules and fully enjoy the pleasure of dressing up. This short weekend also offered me the backdrop to “show off” my best clothes and style. Indeed, I got so caught up in the syndrome of trying to look my best and wanted to get an truly outstanding outfit just for the event. Then conscience hit me and I questioned myself: “My wardrobe is full of clothes, isn’t any fit for the occasion?” Apparently not. They were already from last season. I wanted something new and fresh. Sadly, I concluded that this is the lot of a fashionista. Fashion is to be consumed, at a fast rate. Reason returned and I made up for this post an outfit with my favorite “old trend” clothes. I was very comfortable with all-black, but nonetheless added a hint of red to bring a sparkle to the look. Lesson learnt – it is not the clothes you wear but how you feel in them.

Zara/Necklace, Mantel & Shirt,
H&M/Hat & denim, 
3.1 Philip Lim/Bag (available here)