The Story behind the Time Pieces

Some time ago, I introduced to you the jewelry brand T’as pas l’heure. Laure Gaury is the young designer behind the brand who sees herself more an artist than jewelry designer. Her creations use recycled parts of watches. Let me share with you here a short interview I had with Laure.
You are always interested in the stories behind the pieces you use. How does it come about?
The story part of my pieces comes from searching for them… taking the train, meeting people completely immersed in their world. It’s the search of these materials that brings me to discover the stories behind them, the family tales or scandals. The pieces inscribe everything they have lived through.
All of your jewelries are gold-plated. Why did you choose to use noble material?
At first I kept the rough aspect of the pieces. Then I quickly realized that the beauty in their antiquity should not be compromised by “looking old” but rather modernized and ennobled. Furthermore, I am addicted to quality material… It became obvious that I had to use what I would want to wear everyday.
Do you feel it is important to follow the trends of seasons?
I do two collections a year. The winter one is named “Le Bicolore”. It’s a real challenge to come up with new models as I am re-interpreting the “same” product. But coming from the fashion industry, I take fun in breaking rules and pushing borders such as my shoulder jewelry. But the strong feature of my brand is probably its timeless design.
What are your future projects for the brand?
New sales points in Europe. Also, I won’t say more for the time being, there will be projects in collaboration with other artists…