GANT – Girls in Rugger

Stealing your boyfriend’s clothes has always been common if not a trend. It took on a new fervor when Katie Holmes was “caught” with Tom Cruise’s (then her boyfriend) jeans. Thus was born the cut known no other than the “boyfriend jeans”. The idea is rather funny – a cut made to look as if it is for someone else!
My boyfriend clothes were stolen from Gant’s men collection. I wrapped myself comfortably in a sweater over a cream-colored shirt from the Gant’s rugby-inspired Rugger line. This line is targeted at the younger crowd and fashioned mostly from high-quality cotton. Still determined to stay feminine, I wore skinny jeans with sandals heels and carried a Dior Satchel that matched the color of the sweater. Now, I can say I have done the “girls in Rugger” look.