Spring Summer 2014

We are still hardly into winter but are you already thinking about what to wear in Spring-Summer 2014? Well, brands are now presenting their next seasons’ collections. I was in Geneva last Thursday for a press day of several brands. I want to share two quick impressions from the presentation.
Diesel featured a Texan theme. It was stars galore on prints and sewn onto denim, jeans clothing and casual cuts. The overall effect was not cheesy at all but instead gave the line a rather strong character. As I scanned the room, my eyes were drawn to two pairs of heels of different styles. The first is a pair of studded boots in black suede. The studs are actually snaps usually found on jeans. The second was a pair of higher boots with metal heels. I will be looking out for these when they hit the stores.
After featuring flower designs, original (quirky) shapes and catchy colors this year, I was surprised to see eyewear brands going back to basics – more “passe partout” forms with sober colors. An exception was Dolce & Gabbana who kept their trademark baroque look though a little subdued.
Now, I am interested to hear what you expect or want most for next season.
PS: pictures were taken with my new Nikkor 35mm f1.8 lens for Nikon D7000.