Hair Chalk by L’Oréal

Do you believe you can color your hair without actually dying them? 
Well, I didn’t until I tried the new Hair Chalk by L’Oréal. In Geneva the other day, I stopped by FR hair saloon who invited me to try out the product. There were 8 tones ranging from flashy pink to black. I was skeptical about trying out a color but Alexis managed to convince me. Even then, I chose “Bronze Beach” which was closest to my natural color and only to do a tie & dye to highlight the ends.
Alexis proceeded first to dry and unravel my hair. Then he applied the Hair Chalk (actually as a liquid) where I wanted the highlights. After letting it rest (what felt like) only a few seconds, he blew dried my hair with a round brush to improve the effect. You can choose to intensify the color by repeating the procedure several times. But I only wanted a subtle effect and I was very pleased with the result (though it did leave the ends slightly dry).
L’Oréal calls Hair Chalk a “makeup for hair”. Go try it out – it washes off after 2 to 10 shampoos.