Reading in a Floral Ensemble

After the wettest summer in living memory (according to old folks and the weathermen), I tried my fullest to enjoy what remained of the mild Indian summer. So I took advantage of this nice sunny day to wear at least once this floral ensemble that I recently brought back from Amsterdam. I did not choose a bag to match the outfit but rather to pack a bulky book that I wanted to read later in the park. Now that I no longer have to study for classes at the university, I long to read just for pleasure. Hence, my bag had to be big enough to hold the 3rd volume of Katherine Pancol‘s series, called Les écureuils de Central Park sont tristes le lundi (“The squirrels of Central Park are sad on Monday”).
This is a page-turner, I can hardly take my eyes off the pages.

Wearing: Sud Express jacket / Converse shoes / Gianni Versace shades / La Redoute bag