Nude Makeup Tutorial for Summer

I have been meaning to create short videos on fashion and beauty. At last, this is my first video! I am kicking off with a “How to” tutorial series on easy nude makeup for Summer.
1. Foundation: First I use Yves Saint Laurent touche éclat under my eyes to brighten that area (even though I am lucky not to have pronounced dark circles). Then, I work MAC mineralizer powder (medium dark) over my whole face. I don’t do contouring but just emphasize my cheekbones with a bronzing, here with Estee Lauder Terracota.
2. Eyes: One tip is to apply an ivory eyeshadow below the brow bone and a very light brown tone on the crease. My favorite colors are from Urban Decay NAKED palettes. Take care in a nude makeup not to end up looking too pale. Then, I work my lashes with Yves Saint Laurent Effet Faux-Cils. I have been using it for a while and the “volumizing” result is impressive! However, the mascara does flow a little under my eyes after a long day.
3. Lips: If you want to make your lips look pulpy, go for a glossy lipstick. Again, Yves Saint Laurent got it right with its Golden Gloss Shimmering Lip.
Tempted now to try out these simple steps? You will find most of the products I use at I hope you liked this first video. Do share your ideas or suggest topics that you would like me to cover next.

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    You look so pretty !


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    What is your skin care routine? Your skin looks great!

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