Month: July 2015

Pictures by Inès Monnet I am so fond of these two Adidas items that I received recently. The dress is very light and comfortable, so are the shoes! They are the new “Los Angeles” model inspired from the classic trainers. You can practically do anything with this look – hit the beach, chill out in… Read More »

Style over Fashion?

Pictures by Inès Monnet Why just follow trends when you can create your personal style. Yves Saint Laurent said it best: “Les modes passent, le style est éternel, la mode est futile, le style pas.” A great look does not need to embody the latest fashion. I believe in being able to turn “old” clothes… Read More »

Pictures by Inès Monnet Downtown Lausanne has more than its fair share of slopes and cobblestone pavements. Hence, I avoid heels in town for the better of not falling over. Even if you manage to stay upright, your shoes usually end up damaged. Anyhow, why bother. Lausanne is a university town – it is perfectly… Read More »

Shades of Gray

Pictures by David F.  Most clothes are better shown in color but black and white photos do add character to the subject and composition. One well-known photographer Ted Grant even said that when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls. Black and white pictures are actually in shades of gray. I… Read More »

Event Style in Geneva

Pictures by David F. A few days ago, I attended the opening of the first Zara Home store in Switzerland. At last, I don’t need to go far to get all these trendy but affordable furniture and accessories that I love to decorate my room with. On the same day, I also attended the launch… Read More »