3-in-1: Sportswear, Workout and Apple Watch

I am so fond of these two Adidas items that I received recently. The dress is very light and comfortable, so are the shoes! They are the new “Los Angeles” model inspired from the classic trainers. You can practically do anything with this look – hit the beach, chill out in town, or as I did that day, just go through your daily chores.
You can of course just dress the part (sportswear) but it is even better to do the part! I have often been asked what I thought of the Kayla Istines Bikini Body Guide. I learned about the guide a long time ago but only dabbled in it. Recently I started to follow the training routine rigorously and I am at “week 5”. Believe me, it’s no joke: 30 minutes non-stop of abs, arms, legs & cardio, or full-body workout (as she calls her circuits). She advises alternating her sessions with running, and taking a one-day break per week (thank goodness). So, has it worked for my body? Oh yes! It’s crazy how the exercises have toned my body to be firmer and slimmer (far from transforming into a body builder). It helps that I also try to eat healthily, indulging nonetheless occasionally in chocolate and raspberry sorbets. I guess it’s all about balance.
The Apple Watch probably caught your eyes. A friend loaned it to me to try. This is the big (42mm) model with a white “sport” bracelet. Mechanical Swiss-made watches will always have a place in our hearts, but smart watches will definitely change how we use watches. Techies will no doubt come up with apps that make our lives easier, and also get us stay connected to do more things. What about the fashion? I like its slick, minimalist and chic lines, and that you can swap bracelets on a whim to match your mood or outfit. It will be amazing if Apple pairs up with designers! Imagine a Lanvin model – I’d be the first in line for one!
Wearing: Adidas shoes & dress / Apple watch / Pépit9s & D-lirio necklaces


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