Blaast from The Past

I am enchanted by fashion pieces that have a story behind their creation. It can be about what inspired the design, or who has worn them (especially for vintage pieces). This year’s seventies trend is about (re)discovering what has fascinated an entire generation. When my mum first saw me with my Miu Miu sunglasses, she reminded me that they are a throwback to the 70’s – nostalgia for her, discovery for me. She even proceeded to show me her old pictures! At the same time, I would say they are possibly the edgiest eyewear out there. Another example is my Sahara-style H&M shirt. Yves Saint Laurent made this style a huge hit in 1968. I wonder how cool it would be to wear the original pieces, or if they would actually look old fashion. In other words, the new-old is not an exact copy of the old. While “old” can be fashionable, I still like to add a fresh touch to my nostalgia-inspired outfits, here for example with spiked shoes, striped pants or a loose trench coat.

By the way, this is the outfit I wore to attend HEAD school fashion show – will talk about the show in a later post.

Miu Miu sunglasses
Sud Express pants
Zara coat
H&M shirt
Gucci vintage bag