HEADs up!

Every year around October, HEAD school in Geneva showcases fashion creations of Bachelor and Master degree students. Sponsor of the event, MAC cosmetics, invited me to the show and also backstage to have a look at the makeup process. Instead of explaining how everything runs behind the scene, I ran a simple Q&A with Mac’s senior artist, Maite Tuset.
Designers like to create a particular atmosphere around their collections. How do you create your makeup looks to meet their wishes? (Instead of saying “his/her”, I will just use “his” for simplicity).
It is important to listen deeply to the designer’s story of what inspired him and his vision of the collection. You then translate and express these ideas as a makeup artist through your products with, for example, color, texture and finish. You share your backstage knowledge to help the designer define his look and make it runway-ready. You also need to listen to your creative instincts – it is like a meeting place of the designer’s and your own ideas. Generally, this is an amazing process where different creative minds (designer’s, hair stylists and makeup artists) work together in a convivial atmosphere to create the final look.
Where do you find inspiration for the runway shows ? 
I do not come to a show with set ideas. The inspiration for runway shows comes naturally to me and is guided by the story behind the collection: how I feel when I see the color palette from the fabrics, and where the story takes me. You cannot put a finger to it – my inspiration can be triggered by street art, a color, music, or moments in your life. That’s why we all have a very personal style based on our own experiences, and it shows up in what we do. Perhaps that’s why we are also called artists!
Interesting, don’t you think, to hear Maite’s perspective? A collection is at its best when all the components (outfit, ambiance, hair, makeup, models) work in symbiosis. Of course, the starting point is still the immense creative talent of the students. They have once again produced truly original designs. I will continue to watch how they evolve and graduate into the tough business side of fashion!

© Pictures by Inès Monnet