How to: Style Your Curls

Here is my second beauty video!
Doing curls on long hair yourself can get pretty complicated. Imagine trying to “catch” strands of hair with the curling tongs and to twist them behind your back, while not being able to see properly what is going on. So I am keen to try any hair curler which promises to be easy and fast to use. This came in the form of Babyliss Curl Secret with a new technology whereby the hair is automatically drawn into a ceramic curl chamber to be evenly heated from all directions.
I was almost ready to leave for work one day, but felt the urge to get my hair curled (don’t ask me why). After a few highlight curls, I found the pace too slow-going. So I started taking more hair at a time without brushing them properly first. That was a major mistake… hair got tangled and stuck inside the iron. I literally freaked out. I immediately unplugged the machine and tried to pull my hair out of it. Problem: you cannot just open up the machine to untangle your hair.
So I have done the difficult part for you – experimenting and learning from painful lessons of what not to do! If you know how, doing curls with the Babyliss Curl Secret couldn’t be any easier. However, do not rush. I reckon that it takes me 15 to 30 minutes (depending on the number of highlights I want to do) for my hair type. Brush your hair and pass the right amount of strands (as recommended in the manual) through the curler. Don’t go too slow either as this may burn your hair. Follow the guidelines in my video and you will achieve a Blaasting result!
I will share more “How to” videos (and even diaries of my travels).
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