In the limelight

Even after two weeks, I am still having wonderful memories of being the H&M “face” in Switzerland for the launch of their Beauty line. As I am not a professional model, it was a new feeling to see posters of my pictures put up in H&M stores. Timed with the launch of the Autumn-Winter Studio collection, I hosted the special beauty session where you could drop in and get your makeup done. With my makeup artist, Franics Ases, we had fun trying out the product range. Many of you asked how I liked the products and which I would recommend. Their lipsticks and nail polish won me over with the many cool colors. I show here other pictures of the two look ideas I shared: nude and dark smokey (naturally dressed up in a total H&M Studio look).
I want to thank you again, friends and followers, for supporting me on this adventure.

Wearing: H&M total look, Gucci bag, Steve Madden shoes