Facial Care Highlights – Spring16

There are no bad beauty treatments. Products simply have different results on each skin type. My complexion is sensible to the weather, prone to acne and redness, and with an oily T-zone. I am lucky to work with amazing brands that regularly send me new technologies to respond to my needs. Let me highlight a few I especially like and have included in my beauty routine. 
On a side note, I didn’t test all the facial cares at the same time – I put them to trial for at least a few weeks.

La Roche Posay Hydraphase légère is a moisturizer I have been using for a few years. The texture is very light, ideal during Spring and Summer when temperatures are high.  If you have very dry skin, it might not be nourishing enough.  I apply it in the morning before doing my makeup. It doesn’t leave me with an oily T-zone.
Lately (and because my beautician also told me), I need to hydrate more my skin. I have small rednesses and pimples. Hence, keeping a nourished skin is mandatory. Now every morning, I rather go for the Hydraphase Intense Serum. After a week, I was already seeing the difference – skin is so smoooooth.
Once a week, I do a mask. Caudalie‘s  treats excess sebum and clears out the complexion. At the same time, it is ideal to nourish the skin with its rich texture.

 La Roche Posay Toleriane works for the eyes, skin and lips. I take a bit of the product on fingertips, massage it on a damp face and wipe it with a small towel. 
Aesop amazing face cleanser is, indeed, amazing! I love its scent reminding raw and natural material (but strong). The texture is pleasant and you are sure to have washed out all the pollution of you skin. Avoid eyes.
If you have waterproof makeup, these two products might not be enough to remove it! 

Want to get rid of your horrible pimple marks and redness? Both Effaclar Duo+ and Cell-1 are great products for these purposes. The first is very light on skin and its effectiveness can be seen after a week or 2. I used it for over 6 months and it really helped me out! I changed beginning of this year for the second that works like a cream-mask. You apply it all over the face especially on the zones that need treatment and let it dry for 2 minutes. After I would say a month, I noticed my marks decreased a lot. This is probably due to the healing property of the snail extract.

I really like Aesop Lavender mask – it is fresh and smells SO good! The texture is light and refreshing – I would recommend to use it in Spring-Summer.

Chlorys mask I have recently tested is very effective on the oily T-zone. It reduces notably sebum levels (so does the Caudalie’s previously mentioned). If you have a sensitive skin and prone to pimples – give it a try!

Running out of Cell-1 cream-mask instead I currently give a try to Shiseido IBUKI. After removing my makeup and my skin is well-cleaned, I apply a thin layer of the gel, leave it dry and I am off to bed. My first impression: I felt the texture was too rich for my complexion. Just an impression because not only it has an effective result on the sebum level, it does on imperfections too. The result are close to Cell-1 and Effacer DUO+.


Aesop Tea Leaf Facial Exfoliant is genius. It not only contains small tea leaves but also a mix of plant-based oils, fatty acids and mineral quartz. You add it to your regular cleanser, and can thus choose the desired level of scrubbing. The aim is to remove the outer layer of dead skin for better cleansing. The texture is a little rough, so I use a tiny amount and massage it really gently all over my face and neck.
A softer and less aggressive alternative is Chlorys exfoliating cream. Though I started using it only recently, I like it a lot. It has their signature soft wild rose fragrance and produces a sensation of bursting small bubbles as it cleanses the skin (just as effectively as Aesop’s).


My favorite of all! I like it so much that I get the jumbo 500 ml size bottle to keep me going for at least 6 months. I am still on this bottle that I got in Berlin in September! The calendula heals the small pimple marks and redness. Shop the Calendula Toner here!


Carry one of these two brumes (shop Caudalie) in your bag so you are always ready to refresh your face or makeup.

© Pictures by Romina