Month: May 2016

Dress-Up To Have Fun

  This dress would do nicely at a chic cocktail or gala event.  If we like an outfit, why not find other occasions to go out with it!  The initial thoughts often are: “This dress is too elegant for daywear” or “I can’t go downtown with this dazzling necklace“. Don’t overthink it and simply enjoy!  I can never repeat it… Read More »

Story of A Kimono

  This should sound familiar to you.  You have a clear idea of what you want, then search the internet and hunt through stores, yet find nothing.  Happily, it didn’t happen this way when I was obsessing over a kimono, ideally in the shape of a maxi-length coat.  While heading for a sushi lunch in… Read More »

  When I first met Erelle, Swiss jewelry designer, back in the winter of 2012, I was immediately taken by her generous, cheerful and creative personality. We quickly became friend.  Each meeting led to a rich exchange of ideas.  On one of these “brainstorming” mornings, I told her of my wish to do a project together.  In… Read More »

  One of my dream bag is THE Proenza Schouler PS11 and MyPrivateBoutique recently delivered it right to my doorsteps!  Don’t know about this store?  Perhaps you should.  At MyPrivateBoutique, every day is Black Friday with highly discounted branded items ranging from bags (of course), accessories to cosmetics. (Incidentally I have to make my mind… Read More »

Mango Deck, Lausanne

If you enjoy eating healthy food like I do, there are regrettably only a few eating-out options in Switzerland. One in Lausanne and Geneva is Mango Deck.  They offer only healthy and well-balanced food following traditional recipes with quality fresh ingredients.  Their speciality is to steam almost every dish and hence has no added-fat. Mango… Read More »

Let Your Shoe Shine

  While novelists suffer from writer’s block, we fashionistas also have our moments of creative shutdown. When we lack inspiration, everything we try on seems wrong.  So we find excuses like: Oh, I haven’t bought anything new for a while, or the dog ate my best shirt… I have a tip for you – flash… Read More »

  In every girl’s top 10 must-have items in her wardrobe, the little black dress is in the top of top ! Why is such a basic piece a must? Above all, it is its versatility.  The design suits any event through the entire day. You just need to style it accordingly.  At work?  Throw a blazer over your little… Read More »

    Blogging has taken me to amazing destinations. How frustrating when you do have the time to actually visit them properly! This has been my second time in a year to Berlin, but besides the area around Alexanderplatz, I hardly got to know the city at all. I did however find time to shoot my… Read More »

  Out with boyfriend jeans, in with mom jeans. – Me:  Mum, would you wear these jeans? – Mum:  Not really. In fact, no! So, why are called as such?  Wikipedia defined mom jeans as “a humorously pejorative term for a type of women’s jeans worn in the 80’s considered to be unfashionable and unflattering… Read More »