Gallery of Style – Vote For Your Favorite !


Shu Uemura invited me to attend their annual contest called Gallery of Style held last Sunday.  I talked about this event in my previous post and to jog your memory, 6 world-class Swiss hairstylists were tasked with creating a hairdo around the theme of “Tokyo Vibe“.   It was an occasion where the hairstylists no longer had to attend to their clients’ wishes but could let their imagination run riot.  Their creations are a sight to behold!   Instead of telling you my favorite… why don’t YOU make your opinion count by voting for the style you like most.  The votes of 3 professionals along with yours will designate the winning hairstylist.  By simply voting, and independent of the results, you automatically enter the lucky draw to win a Shu Uemura Art of Hair Product set worth CHF350!

Submit your vote* by leaving a comment below, on Instagram or Facebook, the Number of your favorite contestant.

For example:
“My favorite is #7 hairstylist name“

Voting opens at 09:00 on 7th June 2016 and closes at 23:59 on the 9th June 2016.


1/ Martina Wismer – MAD Avenue


2/ Hoti Vlora – James Good for You


3/ Jana Grohar – House of Hair & Beauty


4/ Regina Fässler – Matrix hair


5/ Janine Aberer – Ghel


6/ Nadine Kappeler – Le salon by Pedro Sanchez





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© Pictures by Ellin Andereg

  • Pedro Sanchez

    My fav is #3, Nadine Kappeler, le salon by Pedro Sanchez;

  • Michael von Mentlen

    #6 Nadine Kappeler,

  • Matthias Kappeler

    #6 Nadine Kappeler,

  • Saron Tochlu

    #3 is my fav. TOKYO is written on the back. this is amazing!!

  • Au Be

    I love #6 (Nadine Kappeler)!,

  • Annamaria

    #6 Nadine Kappeler

  • C-arole Zünd

    My favorite is #1 Martina Wismer.

  • morray

    nummer 4

  • Julia H

    5/ Janine Aberer – Ghel

  • De roma Rochetta

    5 Janine Aberer

  • Nedvia K

    #4 Regina Fässler

  • Stefan Schindler

    My favorite is #6 Nadine Kappeler

  • Haewon

    #6 is my favorite:) the detail on the front top is super asian.

  • Caterina

    Nadine Kappeler, Number 6

  • Launora Hoti

    Hoti Vlora # 2

  • Ermal Ibrahimi

    My favorite is #2 Hoti Vlora.

  • Christina

    My favorite is number 6 – Nadine kappeler

  • Emilio Pistolero

    My favorite is #3 Jana Grohar.

  • Friedemann Gipp

    #6, Nadine Kappeler

  • Emilio Pistolero

    My favorite is #3 Jana Grohar.

  • Mary Wick

    #6! Nadine Kappeler

  • Mary Wick

    #6 Nadine Kappeler

  • Valentina

    best hairdresser and best picture is from Vlora Hoti #2

  • Valentina

    Best picture #2 and also my favorite hairdresser is Vlora Hoti

  • Sylvia

    My favorite is #6 Nadine Kappeler

  • Gyula Tako

    My favorit is:number
    4/ Regina Fässler – Matrix hair

  • Hasret Kahraman

    #Nr.2 VLORA HOTI

  • James Good

    My Favorit is #2 Hoti Vlora

  • Manuel Zürcher

    Nr 4,Regina Fässler

  • Claudia

    My favourite is # 5 Janine Aberer / Ghel

  • Guls

    Fav: Nr: 6

  • Alberije

    My favorite is #2 Vlora Hoti

  • Marcel Dosch

    My favorite style is #2 Vlora Hoti – James Good for you – a great style

  • Ruth Dosch

    My favorite style is #2 Vlora Hoti – James Good for you

  • Eléonore Clerc

    My favorite is #6
    Eléonore Clerc

  • Simone

    #6 Nadine Kappeler

  • Dominik

    My favorite is #6 Nadine Kappeler


    My favorite is number 2 Vlora Hoti.

  • lumturie

    My favorite is #2 Hoti Vlora.