9 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Purse


We have gone through the modern woman’s wardrobe essentials (eg. little black dress, stiletto…).  What about the smaller items that should go with you at all times in your handbag?  Here are my 9 “never leave home without them” things.

As for the handbag itself, it is a gem I found at MyPrivateBoutique.ch, the pioneer online store in Switzerland offering luxury fashion clothing and accessories. The permanent store carries a broad range of product, and they also run one of the best private flash sales with up to 80% discounts.  That’s how I found my Proenza Schouler PS11. Just a little tip since the stock sells out fast, I highly recommend that you sign up for the newsletters and promotions ! Now for the 9 essentials that fit into the bag:


1. Makeup –  Common wisdom is to carry a lipstick or mascara. If you wear makeup, you are a better judge of what you need on the go.  Funny thing, both items are my essentials:


I always have a lipstick ! Coup de coeur for the orange shade of Dior Addict ideal for touch-ups during the day or the afterwork ;).


Lancôme Grandiôse mascara gives a wide-angle fan effect, (from the permanent selection of MyPrivateBoutique.ch). It really curves well the lashes.

2. Notebook + Pen – Paper and pen always seem nowhere to be found whenever you need to record something.  As for committing it to memory – you will remember that you need to remember something but not what it is! Yes, we can take notes on our phones but I still prefer the tactile feel of paper. By the way, Caran d’Ache pen are my favorites ! Here’s one of the latest design I received.

3. Card Holder –  Easier to access all your cards than from a big wallet.  You may also slip in some money to do away with a wallet completely.

4. Tissues –   Just recall the awkward situations when you didn’t have them…

5. Oil Absorber – These little absorbent sheets are life-saver when you have excess shine from built-up oil, or sticky sweat.

6. Deodorant –  I never trust the “last for 24 hours” claims…

7. Breath Freshener –  More convenient alternative to toothpaste and brush. The problem with bad breath is that the culprit often doesn’t know it.

8. Headphones – For all music lovers… great for long train rides and for times you prefer not to engage in a conversation.

9. Phone Charger or Powerbank – No technological breakthrough in sight, so we will have to live with these for some time.  Believe what you see in the movies – phones always go flat when you need them most.


Okay, super-organizers can cheat by adding a 10th item – a purse to organize a few of our 9 essentials.  I have them in different colors, styles or prints.  I have here, for example, my 3 Furla’s in yellow, gray, and light gray (similar ones can be found on the private sales of