Romain C, Lausanne





If you have a soft spot for pastries like me, you must absolutely drop in at Romain C. in Lausanne.  I discovered the place  thanks to a friend, Emilie, who invited me for lunch not saying much except “tu ne le connais pas, tu vas l’adorer“ (you don’t know it but you are going to love it).

First, there is the warm friendly welcome that instantly make you feel like a regular (you will soon become one anyway). Then, there is the impeccable interior. Finally, there are the pastries…

Romain spent 9 years in Paris learning the art of pastry-making with some of the best chefs.  In 2014 when he was just 25, he opened “Romain C.” with his interior designer mother.  No wonder the place is warm and cocooning, furnished with amazing vintage pieces.  On the other hand, the pastry display is modern and minimalistic, all the better to focus attention on the pastries themselves.  Believe me, Romain’s creations are like art pieces.

I ordered a slice of light and delicious-looking quiche.  I was good but Emilie insisted that we shared a dessert. We took the “choco-cassis“, a darkly-glazed chocolate mousse shaped as a dome on a fine crusty biscuit base with a hidden cassis surprise in the middle.  As the smooth chocolate melted on my tongue in a melody of sweet and sour notes, the cassis sneaked in with a refreshing twist. Then the biscuit brought in the finale with a caramelized crunch. This is truly food porn – it tasted as stunning as it looked.

As I did not have my camera with me to share this new Blaast place, it was a good excuse to go back to Romain C for another dessert experience.  On that occasion, I met Tanja and Sarah who run the blog “The Lausanne Guide” in which they also share good addresses.  We had a lovely girl moment over a Tea Time Menu getting to know each other in person after our “digital“ acquaintance through our respective blogs.

If you can’t make up your mind what to take, go for the menu.  You will be served many sweet delights with a hot beverage and juice.   Just be prepared to be addicted…

Address: Avenue de Béthusy 19, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland