Casual Leather

casual leather


All leather looks too “rock n’roll” and even provocative if tight-fitting. True? Not really. It is possible to have all leather as a casual wear.

Leather pants keep you warm and stylish in winter. I slipped into mine before knowing how I would match it. I thought of something simple, like a black top. I would also need an extra layer like my vivid-blue jacket that added an urban twist. My outfit needed structure. Instead of a blazer, I went for my perfecto-style jacket – my favorite of La Redoute design. I put on my new all-white adidas sneakers from Ochsner Shoes and specs from By the way, they enable you to “try” the glasses by uploading your photo and seeing it through how they call it a “virtual mirror”. It made my choice of model easier.

The loose-fit of the leather pants and jacket, together with my “staples“ and a touch of color created a surprisingly passe-partout casual look. In fact, you tend to focus more on the nice-cut of the outfit than the material. Now that got me rethinking about leather…


Pictures by Inès Monnet

Wearing :
La Redoute – leather jacket & pants
Comme des Garçons – hoodie – glasses (available online, here)
Adidas – sneakers