Why Wearing Long-Sleeves Makes Sense in Singapore

Singapore streetstyle

Bell Long-Sleeve detail


How can you tell visitors from the locals in Singapore? Temperatures hover above 28°C most days and humidity smacks you in the face at 80+%, yet you see many people in long-sleeves – yes they are the locals. Tourists do not mind getting drenched in perspiration visiting the outdoor sites. Locals seek the comfort of air-conditioned interiors, hopping from one chilled place to another. Even the smallest cars and most buses are air-conditioned. However, I still can’t figure out why air conditioning (in malls, cinemas and offices) is set to as low as a spring-like 18°C. In contrast with the outdoor, it feels freezing cold. Trust me, you wouldn’t even mind an extra layer if you are just sitting in the office. There you have the answer – locals wear long sleeves for warmth! .

So, like a local, I went for a long bell-sleeve blouse tucked-into a pair of high-waist shorts. I shot this outfit at the Takashimaya parking lot on the 7th floor with Ody and encountered a funny incident. As we started shooting, a security person saw us and told us it was not allowed (I couldn’t fathom why). So we simply went down the stairs and up again on to another side of the same floor. We managed to take a few more shots before being chased away again. Yet another thing I am learning here – Singapore takes rules seriously.


© Pictures by Ody Tay

Self-designed – top
Juillet – shorts (available online here)
Furla – bag (Shop at Zalando)
Blaast x Baies – necklace
Belle by Annabelle – hand jewellery