My Love-Hate Relation With Sleeping


I looove sleeping – the feeling is simply amazing. I like the cocooning feeling of lying on your comfy bed, slowly falling asleep and waking up to a new morning after a nice dream. The bed and bedtime is a place/moment I feel secure, calm and good. Yet, I hate the idea of sleeping – I feel I am wasting time, missing out on something. Of this dilemma, I find myself taking more or more the second position. My idea is to make the few hours of quality sleep really count so as to stretch my day to the fullest. But with sleep, can there be quality without quantity? I am aware that sleep scientists are warning us of the health danger of insufficient sleep in the long term. Are you too in this complicated relationship with the sandman ?



Juillet – shorts
Coca-Cola – tee
Gucci – sleepers
Chanel – backpack
Ray-Ban – sunglasses
O-necklace – “Romina” necklace