F-abric: The Coming of Slow Fashion?

F-ABRIC slow fashion ©blaastyle


The Freitag brothers are one of Switzerland’s most interesting startup and branding stories.  Their success started in 1993 when Markus and Daniel were graphic designers.  Looking for a practical, sturdy and good-looking bag, they were inspired by the multi-colored heavy trucks running by their apartment in downtown Zurich.  They recycled old tarpaulin truck covers and seat belts to come up with their first bags.  As they say, the rest is history.  Each bag is not only making a “green” statement, but also has its unique and distinctive print.  The brothers are now extending their ecology/fashion concept to clothing. 

“F-abric” uses 100% biodegradable materials such as hemp, linen and modal.  To be ecological and efficient, they sourced these materials from Europe.  The whole chain from the fields to manufacturing seeks minimal waste.  What about the design?  For the moment, the line offers only basic staples. I own a tee, shirt (featured here) and jean dress.  I find the cut a little odd and believe they can be improved.  To be broadly popular like their bags, a clothing must first be fashionable and also happens to be green.  Green for green sake may only appeal to the ecologically-conscious.  I am sure Freitag will keep on surprising us by evolving to a new fashion statement – Slow Fashion?



Freitag – shirt
Zyne – slides
Joseph – short
Calvin Klein – bag
Blaast x Baies – earrings