Three Ways To Wear That Statement Skirt

Three Floor Statement Skirt ©blaastyle


A statement piece is one that says something about you, is cool, and designed to create a wow effect.  One of mine is  the Three Floor Skirt (shop here) from Zalando.  Because it is meant to be special, we wait for the “right” occasion to wear it.  What if we just wear a statement piece tomorrow and on any other day?  

A tee or pair of sneakers has the power to dress down a statement skirt to make you look casually stylish.  However, a tee can also be dressed up sophisticatedly with colors, rhinestones, bows, prints, etc. For a trendy twist, wear a straw bag with outfit.

There are days when I  feel like looking fashionable but risk feeling out of place in the subway when I look at the person next to me.   I have learned to feel good about my choice.  I’ll take out my nicest blouse, embroidered slides, edgy bag and literally decorate myself with jewelry. Make a statement with your entire outfit, not just a piece. If you need to reload your wardrobe, head over to Zalando and check out the designs I wear, eg. Sister Jane blouse or Melvin & Hamilton shoes.

Of course, there are occasions when you want that statement skirt to stand out.  Then go all-out elegant and chic by slipping into your highest heels.  In case you don’t know, big pearl pendant earrings are in.  Take a mini bag big enough to take all of a $20 note, lipstick, and phone. 

Do save something for a special occasion.  But every day can be a special occasion.   That goes for our statement pieces too.



Three floor – skirt
Dior – bag
Topshop -earrings
Zara – stilettos





Melvin & Hamilton – slides
Sister Jane – blouse
Proenza Schouler – bag




Topshop – sneakers
Misguided – bag
Selected Femme – tee