How To Become A Fashion Blogger?

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How To Become A Fashion Blogger ©Blaastyle


I regularly receive messages asking how one can become a fashion blogger, and if there is a magic formula. I share some of my experiences here and hope they provide the answers you were looking for, and perhaps even motivate or inspire you.

I started blogging at 13. I remember posting friends pictures or “cool stuff” on Skyrock (the cool platform then). Then I moved on to Blogspot, and narrowed my contents to focus on fashion. I shared what inspired me (images from runways or editorials) and my opinion on them. Streetstyle wasn’t a big thing then and I got into it with a friend.  She could not keep up with my passion and rhythm. So I decided to go solo and started Blaastyle when I entered university.  I was 17 yo.

Now for my tips.


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Determine what you want your blog to be known for, as if it is a Brand.

On Blaastyle, I put my thoughts on trends, my take on style and fashion industry insights. I also proffer tips & advice. I want to share authentic personal content, so I post only my own exclusive stories or images – I do not repost contents from other sources. I make that as, in Marketing-speak, what differentiates me. As a blogger, you will want decide on the subject area or theme (preferably one that you are passionate about) and how you are going to be different.Understand why people will want to read you.

Be active and disciplined – post regularly both on the blog and social media.

When you revisit an Instagram profile or blog, once, twice, or more times and do not see any updates, there comes a point you will justgive up visiting.  Indeed, “out of sight, out of mind”. On heavy days, I would come back from university, write my posts for hours or reply to messages. On easier afternoons and on weekends, I would head out to shoot my outfits or places. Blogging takes an awful lot of time. So you must be disciplined in setting a calendar or a target minimum of posts – eg. once a week or twice per month. Stick to it.  With a full-time day job, this is the biggest challenge for me.  Followers may see your posting frequency and know when to come back.

Reach out to people, both on- and off-line.

The main motivation of running a blog is to have followers.  So you have to find ways of getting people to know about you.Talk about your project to your friend and family. Attend events and get face time.  Interact with people online by making comments and sharing. People will start to notice you and eventually follow you!

In other words, there is no magic bullet to become a fashion blogger but hard work pays off. Behind the glamorous pictures, 80% is about replying to emails, creating content, attending events and meetings. On the other hand, the experience is beyond what a normal corporate job can everoffer you.  You are like an entrepreneur, and this experience is priceless.


How To Become A Fashion Blogger ©Blaastyle

How To Become A Fashion Blogger ©Blaastyle

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