Wellness & Sport

  I don’t do detox to lose weight.  We know extreme diets do not work. You may lose up to 3 kgs over a 5-day regime but you end up “eating your frustration away” and  put on even more weight.  Nor do I detox for the popularly believed but scientifically unproven benefits on the body. … Read More »

Pictures by Inès Monnet I am so fond of these two Adidas items that I received recently. The dress is very light and comfortable, so are the shoes! They are the new “Los Angeles” model inspired from the classic trainers. You can practically do anything with this look – hit the beach, chill out in… Read More »

The Cleansing Cycle

Pictures by Inès Monnet After a few weeks of not shooting with Inès, it is good to have her back from Portugal! We will be working on several new projects this year and I can’t hardly wait to share them with you. Talking about 2015, I wanted to start “afresh” with a detox from Private… Read More »

Fit’n’tasty Detox

This Thursday I followed a one-day detox plan conceived by Fit’n’tasty. In this second detox trial, I chose the “colorful program” which includes more fruits. I secretly hoped it would be more palatable than the “green” program (composed only of veggies) that I took in my first trial. The Fit’n’tasty menu proposed a “cleansing” water… Read More »

Detox Delight

I had always wanted to try a “desintoxication” diet plan that is supposed to cleanse our body of toxins. Last week, I had the chance to put to test “Detox Delight” which consisted of a menu of prepared juices delivered to your home in two sections. I followed their guidelines (including staying active) for a… Read More »