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Flax and Kale, Barcelona

During our recent stay in Barcelona, we checked out on a friend’s recommendation of an eat-healthy feel-better restaurant called Flax and Kale  It promises to provide you all the nutrients you need daily. The place is open all day for all meals or just drinks.  We went there for brunch and were offered a varied… Read More »

Barcelona Diary

You have probably read snippets of my 3-day stay in Barcelona. I last visited this city as a teenager but do not remember much of it. My friend and I went back in full tourist mode, dutifully doing all (well almost) the must-see places, and checking out friends’ recommendations of cafés and restaurants. I have… Read More »

Outfit pictures by Sabrina D.  One cannot possibly stay in Barcelona without visiting the Park Güell. We got up early on our last day in Barcelona so as not to miss it. It turned out to be my favorite tourist spot of the whole trip. Originally conceived by Güell and Gaudi as a modernist “garden… Read More »

Pictures by Sabrina D. A few days ago, a friend and I went to Barcelona to enjoy a few days of balmy weather in a hip (but affordable) city. I also wanted to discover more of a place I last visited a long while back. Sightseeing and searching for good food were definitely in our plans. We… Read More »