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La Muse in the Village

Pictures by Inès Monnet I am not stretching it too far to compare the charming lakeside village of Lutry to those you find in the South of France. We shot this outfit along one of the typical cobblestoned streets. The wintry spring light actually lent to the photo shoot a warm vibe. My outfit was… Read More »

Caffè Bellini, Lausanne

First Blaast Place of this month is Caffè Bellini in Lausanne. As first impression, I really like its quirky pop art interior. This restaurant oozes charm to welcome you for lunch and dinner. We went at noon to have their Plat du Jour – chicken fillet with butter and mustard garnished with fresh datterino tomatoes… Read More »

Pictures by Inès Monnet Adidas officially launched their Supercolor line a few days and I had the opportunity to see it first hand during their Swiss event in Zürich. More than that, I was spoilt with this pair of their sneaker in red! You might have noticed that when it came to shoes I hardly… Read More »

Casual Is My Uniform

Pictures by Inès Monnet I like “casual” so much that it is now my default look, like an uniform. When I went to Zürich for the beauty ride with Urban Decay and Uber, my uniform was skinny high waist jeans, a Red Valentino polka dots shirt, Joseph coat, both from La Muse boutique in Geneva.… Read More »

The Power of Vintage

Pictures by Inès Monnet It was one of these days when I felt inspired to explore how to look modern with my vintage pieces. I went for my 3/4 leather pants, oversized tee, and gray coat. I stole my mum’s “old” point flats which are totally IN this season. Color combinations involving vintage pieces tend… Read More »

In the Sudio with K

Pictures by Kelly de Geer I almost forgot about these pictures taken back in New York. Then, my talented photographer friend Kelly de Geer organized a studio shoot for me at her art school. We haven’t really decided on a theme for the clothes. Kelly initially wanted to set me up in that awkward school… Read More »

Pictures by Inès Monnet Spring is shy this year but I am done with big coats and have already switched to lighter clothing. Here, I am wearing this cute bratelle dress and pompom shoes from La Halle. To celebrate the arrival of Spring, La Halle offers you a chance to win a CHF 100.- voucher… Read More »

Pictures by Ken Moos Baselworld is an impressive fair, even to blasé regular fair visitors (which I am not one). You can see and “feel” the investment that brands put into constructing their booths and organizing them to run like clockwork (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun). This is the place for an outsider to… Read More »

All that Glitters

You recall the movie “Legally Blonde” starring Reese Witherspoon? In this comedy she would dress up in glamorous tailored pink outfits against the norms of casual college attire or the somber dress code of the legal profession. Without trying, I might have attempted a similar move at Baselword. There I was, almost all-white in a… Read More »

Something’s Off

Pictures by Inès Monnet Murphy’s Law happens when “anything that can go wrong, goes wrong”. Nothing seemed to work that day. I changed outfits three times and yet felt unsatisfied with the result when I was ready to go. I also spent time fighting to get my hair into shape and again it felt just… Read More »