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The Power of Accessorizing

At lost as to what to wear on a gloomy fall day?  It was how I felt when I put on my flared slit pants, white turtleneck and camel coat.  The outfit just didn’t feel right – it was too boringly classical.  Then accessories came to the rescue. I had these Minelli boots in cognac with… Read More »

Styling Kenzo x H&M

  Are you ready for Kenzo x H&M ! The collection is coming out in selected stores the 3rd November. I introduced previously some of my favorite pieces. Here are two new styling ideas, one casual, the other more dressed-up. FR Prêt pour Kenzo x H&M ? La collection sort en magasins le 3 Novembre. Je vous ai montré précédemment mes quelques pièces favorites.… Read More »

  There are two facts about bloggers: we take thousands of pictures (in my case, up to 3500 photos a month) and are connected 24/7. We need good working tools, for example a quality and user-friendly camera, a powerful computer to edit our photos, more importantly a phone. I have been happily using the iPhone for years now. So I admit I was skeptical initially… Read More »

Clinique invited me to celebrate the launch of their new line, PEP Start. The exclusive presentation with cocktails and DJ took place at Kaufleuten Festsaal in Zurich.  For the occasion, I wore a smart-chic outfit matching dressed-up adidas jog pants with a material blazer, a cami top in grey-silk, and high heels.  I carried my Proenza Schouler bag from  Lately,… Read More »

Swiss fashion blog

  I avoid discussing touchy subjects (such as religion and politics) or getting too personal in my blog.  Blame it on the neutral tendencies of my half-Swiss origin.  Here, I will throw caution to the wind and get personal – to talk about how I take time for myself. Our baby boomer parents have it… Read More »

  The toughest part of school holidays is going back to school.   You have to change your routine and rhythm (no more lazing in bed in the morning). For some, back to school also marks a big new move, for example, to a new school or even a step up to university.   As if to… Read More »

Bag to School + WIN One !

  We women carry way too many stuff in our bags (let’s skip the reasons why) for school or work.  So, what about a bag that is both practical and beautifully-designed? I like backpacks as the all-out practical option.  They are usually toughly built to hold everything you need and free up both your hands. With weight… Read More »

The sneak peek I had of the Bread & Butter in Berlin last June (more in my previous article) surely got me eagerly awaiting and excited about what’s coming up this Friday. On 2nd September,  kicks off it’s first “trend show“ open to the public.   A Fashion Trend Show for Everyone Bread & Butter (or… Read More »

  To me, Yves Saint Laurent created the finest designs which also portrayed the “empowered” woman.  There was none more iconic as the statement piece that used to be the preserve of men – the tuxedo. Monsieur Saint Laurent’s design of the tuxedo ensemble, both as a day- and night- outfit, has always been a source of inspiration to… Read More »

Milanese Inspirations

  I was inspired by Milan style for this outfit. I notice the Milanese woman expressing their femininity in two almost opposing ways.  One goes for glamorous attire with joyful colors and patterns – à la Dolce & Gabanna.  The other is about dark colors, structured cuts, classic and chic – à la Armani.  I combined both styles with a navy-patterned mini dress with lace details… Read More »