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Pictures by Inès Monnet © It is no accident that lipstick in French is called “rouge à lèvre” – literally “red of (or for) the lips”. The lipstick is every girl’s makeup essential and fire red is the color of choice. It dresses you up even when you only wear a simple makeup of a mascara… Read More »

Evening Rules in Black & Gold

Pictures by Inès Monnet ©  At night fall, we dress up to kill the dance floor. We put on our beautiful, sexy and slightly revealing attire with the highest heels. We adorn ourselves with jewelries to out-dazzle the disco lights. We wear the most bewitching makeup that will arrest the glance of any man. Seduction… Read More »

I am now ready to reveal the three H&M Beauty looks I worked on. To kick off the series, I went for a colorful trendy look. A colorful makeup is more conspicuous and should therefore get along well (instead of clashing) with your outfit. You can’t go too far wrong by opting for the same… Read More »

Pictures by Inès Monnet © To me, fashion is a lifestyle spirit that goes beyond clothes and accessories. A stylish outfit goes hand in hand with a good mise en beauté or beauty routine. I can’t wait to reveal a long kept secret: I am one “face” of H&M’s new beauty line! I know it sounds cliché… Read More »