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YES ! To Berlin

Recently I felt like I was playing in the television series 24.  Barely back from a 24-hour trip to Milan, I had to get up at 3 am the next day for another 24-hour trip to Berlin. This time I was invited by bonprix, the online fashion retail store. On arrival, I headed straight to my hotel room… Read More »

There are few items you MUST have in your closet – the biker jacket is one. We have to thank Irving Schott for creating the most enduring iconic outerwear of all times.  We take it for granted now, but it was the founder of New York City-based company, Schott Bros who first used zippers on jackets and… Read More »

Tips For Your Spring Look

Quality pays, at whatever price range, by offering better value. When I select clothing or accessory, I want it to last. I am glad GANT makes quality their trademark, right from the beginning. The company founder, Bernard Gantmacher, started with tailored shirts. He would offer designs with the greatest care for material and cut to… Read More »

I have been asked lately how I find inspiration to dress up when I wake up moody? Me, moody…? Of course we all get the blues. I have already covered this topic in various posts, suggesting for example how you should have ready clothing combinations. Here’s yet another style idea you can go for. Above… Read More »

The Sunday I was in London, my friend and I went for brunch at Electric Diner in Nothing Hill. The neighborhood is well-known for the rows of cute colorful buildings (you can get a glimpse of it on my pictures). There is also Portebello street with small vintage or atypical stores. For example, I walked… Read More »

Spring Blues

Printemps… enfin tu pointes le bout de ton nez ! Temperatures don’t quite feel like spring yet but knowing it is around the corner is enough to brighten my mood. It feels like a rebirth – flowers blooming, birds singing, and days getting longer and milder… But not so fast, we still need some layering.… Read More »

Clash of Colors

Brick and beige together? I am not convinced yet. But what I am sure of is that I love my brick linen blazer! It is one item of H&M Studio SS16 collection that I I don’t want to wait till spring to wear. I put it over my black lace-up top, and under a coat.… Read More »

I had a preview of H&M’s Studio SS16 collection. I really like this season’s collection – fresh, original, and at once casual and dressy. I am showing here the striped kimono jacket. Although I am trending towards a more minimalist style, I occasionally enjoy going for colorful and printed pieces. I wear under it a… Read More »

When H&M announced its collaboration with Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, the news went viral. Everyone expected the collection to be sold-out worldwide, even before it hit the store. Recall the insanity when sales opened with shoppers fighting over their target items? Now that the agitation is over, how are you wearing your Balmain… Read More »

Right Outfit, Wrong Feelings

It was summer when I last wore a mini skirt with high heels to go downtown. Instead of pants preferred for winter, I felt weird to wear my suede mini skirt with black tights and navy booties. Especially in Lausanne where people tend not to dress up and where flats are more practical for the… Read More »