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The Power of Vintage

Pictures by Inès Monnet It was one of these days when I felt inspired to explore how to look modern with my vintage pieces. I went for my 3/4 leather pants, oversized tee, and gray coat. I stole my mum’s “old” point flats which are totally IN this season. Color combinations involving vintage pieces tend… Read More »

Pictures by Ken Moos Baselworld is an impressive fair, even to blasé regular fair visitors (which I am not one). You can see and “feel” the investment that brands put into constructing their booths and organizing them to run like clockwork (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun). This is the place for an outsider to… Read More »

Something’s Off

Pictures by Inès Monnet Murphy’s Law happens when “anything that can go wrong, goes wrong”. Nothing seemed to work that day. I changed outfits three times and yet felt unsatisfied with the result when I was ready to go. I also spent time fighting to get my hair into shape and again it felt just… Read More »

Grocery Shopping in Style

Pictures by Inès Monnet I occasionally post shopping deals and trends on Facebook. For example, I featured this pink Oasap trench coat back in December. To my great surprise, my friends bought it for me as a birthday present! I also received a matching pink Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case. I was deeply moved… Read More »

Romantic Chic in Lausanne

Pictures by David F. Milan Fashion Week streetstyle got me inspired with this outfit, or more specifically on how to style a vintage collar-scarf. To be both classy and edgy, you drape it over a shoulder and belt it at the waist. On my first styling attempt, I went for the cannot-go-wrong colors of black… Read More »

Navy – My New Black

Pictures by Inès Monnet I introduced the navy color to my wardrobe only recently. I now find myself wearing it a lot as a “brighter” alternative to black. I wore a Zara nightie dress, Stefanie Biggel bomber jacket, H&M bag and Mango shoes. I was tricked by the sunny weather and went optimistically for light… Read More »

That Fringe Skirt

I was browsing the web for inspiration and stumbled on fashion week streetstyle pictures showing girls in their effortlessly chic looks. One had a leather fringe skirt worn with heels. That skirt intrigued me so much that I tried to trace its brand. The brand wasn’t mentioned either for another skirt, worn this time with… Read More »

Sportswear Urbanized

Pictures by Inès Monnet This is the look you get when sportswear meets vintage meets Chanel meets heels. I usually wear sports clothing only for working out, not as a style. However, I got tempted to try when I received this Adidas pants of their Superstar Originals collection. Besides, many personalities like Man Repeller (again)… Read More »

Casual Junkie

Pictures by Inès Monnet Fashion month was all about fancy outfits but that’s over now. For daily wear, casual is the go-to style. But what is really casual? Is it not just a case of swapping heels for sneakers, and shirts for sweaters? In my view, a casual look is not about being indifferent. I… Read More »

Bare Essentials

Pictures by Inès Monnet To show off the minimalist edge of this outfit, we took a break from our usual locations. The garden awakening to the morning light of spring created an enchanting setting. It was still too cold to be wandering about with only this H&M silk deep-V neck dress. So I was wrapped… Read More »